Prudent Man Agate Slabs Page One
From Vein Number One Of The Prudent Man Mine

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PMV1S-1  $65.00

PMV1S-2  $65.00

Agate Slab V1S-3s
V1S-3  $8.00

PMV1S-4 $65.00

PMV1S-5  $65.00

Agate Slab V1S-6
V1S-6  $5.00 

Agate Slab V1S-7s
V1S-7  $3.00 

PMV1S-8  $60.00

PMV1S-9  $60.00

Agate Slab V1S-10s
V1S-10 $5.00 
Agate Slab V1S-11s
V1S-11  $3.00 

Prudent Man Agate Slab V1S-12s
V1S-12  $8.00

Agate Slab V1S-13s
V1S-13  $4.00 

Agate Slab V1S-14s
V1S-14  $4.00 

Prudent Man Agate Slab V1S-15s
V1S-15  $7.00

Prudent Man Agate Slab V1S-16s
V1S-16  $12.00

Prudent Man Agate Slab V1S-17s
V1S-17 $12.00

Prudent Man Agate Slab V1S-18s
V1S-18  $8.00

V1S-19  $6.00

Agate Slab V1S-20s
V1S-20 $4.00 

Prudent Man Agate Slab V1S-21s
V1S-21  $12.00

Agate Slab V1S-22s
V1S-22  $4.00 

Agate Slab V1S-23s
V1S-23 $3.00 

Agate Slab V1S-24s
V1S-24 $4.00

V1S-25  $14.00

Prudent Man Agate Slab V1S-26s
V1S-26 $8.00

Prudent Man Agate Slab V1S-27s
V1S-27  $8.00

V1S-28  $15.00

Prudent Man Agate Slab V1S-29s
V1S-29 $7.00

Agate Slab V1S-30s
V1S-30 $4.00

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